Sunday, April 10, 2011

13th Tour Of The Fireflies: Bicycle Revolution

Traffic is one of the problems we Filipinos face everyday but the solution is not so easy to accept by most. We complain about pollution and traffic but we still drive our cars everyday. Solutions sometimes are not ready to accept. Take for example one solution: Take a bicycle instead. It costs less because it need not be fueled and it's healthier and can go beyond a vehicle with motor can't go. But most don't accept this lifestyle.
This is the advocacy of Ortigas & Co. and the Firefly Brigade. It is their vision that people will start stepping on bicycle pedals instead of gas pedals. Last April 7 at The Sulok, Tiendesitas, I was invited to attend the press conference for the 13th Tour of the Fireflies, a yearly biking marathon/advocacy. Why fireflies? It was scientifically proven that the "presence of the fireflies is an indication of an environment with clean air". Last year's TOF gathered 8,000 to 10,000 bikers.

The Firefly Brigade was founded in 1999 and was established as an NGO in 2000. Since then, they provided awareness for this advocacy that resulted with providing bicycle spaces in Tiendesitas and Greenhills Complex. Tiendesitas received the 1st Certified Greenheart award from the Pasig Greenhearts Movement Inc.

This Sunday, April 17, a massive biking parade will commence from Ortigas to CCP Complex with stop overs from different stations in between the route. Registration will open at 5:30 AM for costumed riders in Tiendesitas, Pasig. There will be an opening program with a special performance there. By 7:00 AM, the official ride will start. Estimately 9:00AM at CCP with a 45 minutes of duration for the stop, there will be another program there and a parade of costumed riders. After the program in CCP, the ride-out will commence back on reverse route to Tiendesitas then at 12:00 NN, there will be a closing program and awarding with a special band performance.

The 13th Tour of the Fireflies is co-presented by the Department of Energy and Natural Resources and Firefly Lighting. To find out more about the event, go to the Firefly Brigade website.

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