Sunday, April 24, 2011

Destination: Pangasinan Part 4 - Beaches and Resorts of Bolinao

El Pescador swimming pool
Bolinao is known for its strip line of beach resorts. The beaches are located along the east of Lingayen Gulf and west of South China Sea. Coming from the church in Bolinao, our first stop was El Pescador Resort. It was a former fishing village until fishermen notices their catches getting smaller so fishing business owner Jesus Celeste transformed the village into a resort. The resort has a hotel, couple of swimming pools, cottages, restaurant, conference area and coffee bar. You can also rent kayaks.
Public beach

After El Pescador, we went to the Lighthouse and Bolinao Marine Laboratory of University of the Philippines which I will feature in my next blog post; we proceeded with the public beach resort of Bolinao. The beach has beautiful golden brown sand and clear waters that made me wish I brought something to wear for swimming. They also have cottages for dining purposes and shed from the sun and souvenir shops.
Solomon's Paradise

If you prefer a more scenic place with privacy, I suggest Solomon's Paradise which was the last beach we visited. The beach shore of Solomon's Paradise is secured between two cliffs that makes it more private than the first two beaches. What makes it unique was that each cliff has a makeshift shed for eating and has a great elevated view of the shore line and you can see the direction of the waves. There is also a cottage for larger capacity, a bar, and rooms. Solomon's Paradise was named after the owner Rick Solomon. If you wish to go to these beaches, I suggest you have a private vehicle but you can hire a tricycle from town proper for an arranged ride there.
Photo taken from a cliff in Solomon's Paradise

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