Thursday, April 21, 2011

DPWH solves Mother Ignacia flooding problem

The Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH) has announced that it has solved the perennial floods near Mother Ignacia Street.
Workers work to complete the upgrade and rehabilitation of the Sulo Drainage Main. The project will help prevent the perennial floods in Mother Ignatia, Quezon City

The area has been plagued by floods caused by clogging in the Sulo Drainage Main. The area along the corner of Samar Street is located along a drainage network that funnels out water from the East Avenue area. The original box culverts that divert the water have since been clogged with silt and been rendered to deal with the increased volume of water, coming its way. This has caused the area to suffer from perennial floods during the rainy season.

The DPWH led by District Engineer Ramon Devanadera and Engineer Arthur Pascual has remedied this by  rehabilitating and expanding the box culverts that store and divert the water. Devanadera says “The flooding was caused by the original box culverts getting clogged by silt and other things like tires and thrash. It was also too small to handle the water volume coming from East Avenue near the Sulo Hotel.”

Apart from desilting the culverts, the agency also upgraded the culverts by increasing their vertical clearance by 1.5 meters. The increased clearance allows the culverts capacity to be increased. Pascual says “The culverts are now high enough that you can drive a small truck through, it should eliminate most of the floods in the area.” To ensure that the culverts do not get clogged again, the agency will undertake periodic maintenance of the culverts.

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