Sunday, April 24, 2011

PCs Just Got Sexier With Samsung Notebook Series 9

Samsung Notebook Series 9
Before, PC’s or personal computers are considered nerdy or geeky by most. Now, owning a PC is a trend to almost every walk of life. Personal computers have evolved from its original size. The smaller it gets the better.

Last month, Samsung launched its latest PC: The Smart Notebook Series 9. Since most of the Filipinos are embracing the mobile lifestyle, the Samsung Notebook Series 9 is the ideal gadget because it is very light and very thin. You can bring it anywhere. It still functions like a regular computer even its compact.
What I find sexy about the Samsung Notebook Series 9 is that it’s stylish. It is encased in a metal alloy called duralumin which is also used in aircrafts. That makes it sleek and cool which makes it appealing. Now, that is sexy. Watch out for the updates and promotions of Samsung. They will give away a Samsung Notebook for free. Just follow Samsung Notebook Series 9 on Facebook. The estimate cost of this Samsung Notebook is P79,000++. That's how sexy Samsung Notebook Series 9 is. Light,Thin and Bright.

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  1. Its very powerful and I like it because like what you've said thin, light and bright... Best Regards Mark!