Friday, April 8, 2011

Hands On Experience with the Samsung Smart TV

I first heard about Samsung Smart TV when a friend told me about a TV commercial in Korea about it since Samsung is a Korean company.  Upon arrival at Seventh High, the event venue, I signed up for the registration and was given a Samsung baller ID with a USB drive containing the press release. Since the event hasn’t started, I started taking pictures of the two Smart TV units in display. It was just like my friend described it. A flat LED screen with a thin frame.
Ms. Jan Roman

As people are starting to fill up the place, I saw one of the Samsung people adjusting the settings of the Smart TV using the remote control and I took the chance to take picture of that.  When the meals are being served, the program started with a video presentation of Samsung Smart TV.  After the presentation, we were oriented by Ms. Jan Roman, Flat Panel TV Product Leader of Consumer Electronics Team for Samsung Electronics.

One of the key points Ms. Roman emphasized about the Smart TV is that the viewing experience is “immersive”. Also, “you can do anything at once” which means you can do multitasks with the Smart TV. An example for this is if you are watching a movie and want to express how you like it, you will open your social network and share it to others.

Another thing Ms. Roman stressed that the applications of the Smart TV are suited for Pinoys. The Smart TV’s internet browser and operational system is all Samsung owned. You can customize your own applications for your convenience. You could ask how interactive the Smart TV is. Beside the Smart TV’s remote control, it can also interact with a Samsung Galaxy Tab as a remote control. It can also use a keyboard as long as it has a wireless function.
The Smart TV also has 3D enhancement to make the viewing experience more movie-like by using 3D glasses. After Ms. Roman’s orientation, a couple of fellow bloggers tried using the Smart TV. Blogger Jhong Medina opened his blog site using the Smart TV’s web browser. I got a chance to ask Ms. Roman if it’s also possible to play online games for Smart TV. She said that can be considered for the future to have online gaming application since the product is new in the Philippines. After that, I got to try surfing the internet with the Smart TV.
With Ms. Jan Roman
Here's a treat for those who like to blog like me. Samsung is giving away a Smart TV worth about P150,000 if you can blog about "Things That You Can Do With A Samsung Smart TV". If you already posted, place the link at Samsung TV PH Facebook page and Twitter and hashtag it like this: @samsungsmarttv The most number of creative blogs wins the Smart TV so post as many blogs as you can.


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