Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visita Iglesia Suggestions

Church in Paracale
I haven’t practiced this Holy Week tradition but I can suggest where you can go for Visita Iglesia. If you are going to Bicol, I can suggest couple of churches in Camarines Norte. Camarines Norte is known for the three churches that is already 400 years old. One is in Vinzons, one in Daet, and one in Paracale. These churches were built in 1611, the same year as the University of Santo Tomas. There are also hotels in Daet especially if you wish to stay longer. 
St. John the Baptist Parish

Besides these three churches, there is one church in front of the municipal hall in Daet named St. John the Baptist Parish. It is not as old as the three main churches but it is a very modern structure.
Altar of Our Lady of Manaoag

In Manaoag, Pangasinan, there’s Our Lady of Manaoag. Built in 1720 and was donated to the Dominicans. It is also known as a pilgrimage for people seeking miracles. 
St. James in Bolinao

In Bolinao, Pangasinan, the oldest church named St. James was claimed to hold the first mass in Pangasinan. The church was built by Augustinians in 1609. At present, it needs maintenance due to the damages brought by the storms. In Lingayen, capital of Pangasinan, the Epiphany of Our Lord was built in 1712. It suffered from fire in 1892 and was rebuilt and damaged by earthquake in 1990 and was renovated.  Another church to add for the list is  St. Joseph’s in Alaminos City.
Church model of Epiphany of Our Lord
Church information courtesy of Benjamin Layug (A Tourist Guide to Notable Philippine Churches,New Day Publication, 2007).

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