Saturday, April 23, 2011

A New Perspective For Holy Week at Bonifacio High Street

On its fourth year, Bonifacio High Street is telling the real message of Holy Week. Most who celebrates Holy Week don't understand this and still doing what sociologists consider a folk-Roman Catholicism. It's a mixed up of Christianity with old traditions.For example, people still sings their panata but they don't reflect on what they're doing and penitensya but they keep on doing the sins and do the penitensya every year.

In Bonifacio High Street, there are 14 stations you need to go to reflect. It doesn't charge you any but monetary offerings can be voluntary. It is very easy to accomplished and very meaningful. I can't spoil you my experience because it may not reflect to you. You have to experience it yourself. The Holy Week Experience in Bonifacio High Street ends Easter Sunday or wait again next year.

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