Thursday, April 28, 2011

Destination: Pangasinan Part 7-DasoLand

Leaving Lingayen, we passed by a developing theme park/resort named DasoLand.  Owned and operated by Menardo Jimenez, Jr. It is not like a theme park you can compare with EK. 

After a delicious lunch provided by the staff, we started with the Santa Nativity Village, where you can walk the path and see the life-size scenes of the Nativity as it is chronologically arranged. After Nativity walk, we entered Santa’s House which is actually a Santa Clause museum where you can find mostly Santa Claus dolls and memorabilia from all shapes and sizes.

Our next part of the tour was the Butterfly Garden. We through a hall where there are preserved butterflies before going to the actual habitat. This was my first time to take picture of a butterfly up close.

Our next stop was an old-style house with antique furniture. Being here was like you’re on a set of a filming a movie set in 1800’s. We also see old devices or simple machinery from era when there was no technology yet but depends on muscle power drawn by cattle like carts. After the devices were the military vehicles from the Second World War. In my next blog post about Pangasinan, I will continue with the rest of the DasoLand tour.

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