Monday, April 25, 2011

My Corregidor Adventure Tour Challenge Experience and Update

Last December, I was able to join the first Corregidor Adventour Challenge along with the traditional media practitioners from different newspaper publications upon invitation of Bernard Supetran ,PR consultant. I was the only blogger then. In this post, I am going to spoil some details but not narrate in detail to maintain suspense for those who will decide to try it in one of the Corregidor tours in the future. This was my second time in Corregidor. The first was during a boy scout camping. We toured Corregidor just like any other tour guest.

There were two groups of four. To distinguish the Adventour participants from regular tour guests, we were required to wear the Adventour shirt and equipped with a sling bag containing bottled water, energy bar, scratch paper and pen. We were also given a large searchlight for the dark areas.

One of the obstacles was to find puzzle pieces inside balloons at the starting point to form a map. Another obstacle is to requires you to solve word puzzles. Another obstacle requires to walk blindfolded by one team member guided by another without spilling paper cups filled with water. The last one obstacle is a real challenge that requires teamwork which I will not reveal.

What makes it fun was unlike the regular touring, this is more exciting. You travel the island on foot and get to go through a dark Japanese duck walk tunnel crawling with large geckos. You don't get to do that on a regular tour and it's really an immersing experience which makes it a better tour alternative for me. The Adventour is also ideal for group dynamics and team building especially if you are into Amazing Race type of activity.

On the second media invitation last April 8, I referred another blogger to join. I was updated that there are now five per team and each team has bandana color for identify each team. The Adventour Challenge is now called Adventure Tour Challenge. To inquire about Corregidor Adventure Tour, contact Sun Cruise at (02)527-5555.

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