Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Destination: Pangasinan part 2

Arriving at Lingayen after lunch, we went directly the Capitol area where I saw the most scenic public office compound I’ve ever seen. We went to Malong building where the Pangasinan tourism office is located. In the lobby, we were watching a documentary of Pangasinan’s tourism before we were given the itinerary of the whole Pangasinan trip.  I also got to see the different handicrafts displayed Pangasinan had to offer. What really caught my attention was the swordsmanship. They even have a collectors’ item William Wallace sword in Braveheart that Mel Gibson used.

Also that afternoon, we were waiting for the parade of different municipalities. I was really entertained by the creativity of the parade from the colorful marchers and decorative floats. One of the floats that attracted me was the float of the town of Bautista. It  was decorated with the pattern of a walis tambo or broom because it is considered the home of the walis tambo and the Lupang Hinirang, because that was where Jose Palma composed the music for the national anthem.

Another float that I fancy was shaped as a bakya or wooden slippers. Another float has the model of the Capitol Building, Lingayen church, and the Lighthouse. All participants went straight at front of the real Capitol building where the stage is located. The program is part of the week-long celebration of the Pangasinan foundation. The next part of the Pangsinan blog is Bolinao.

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