Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Descend of Axe Goddesses

The goddesses in mythology are considered beautiful. Their statues and paintings are proofs that artists draws inspiration from these goddesses and manifests in their works of art. The goddesses are source of every man's desire during these times and still does in the women adored like goddesses. Now, we can provoke these modern goddesses to descend in our world with Axe.
Eric's encounter with the Axe Goddesses
Axe has the new addition to their scents with the Axe Provoke which was promoted last April 1 at Taste Asia in SM Mall of Asia, Axe invited some Axe fans and media to a fashion event as the Axe Goddesses strut down the catwalk and enjoyed unlimited cocktails and drinks and souvenir photo booths that made this night unforgettable. 

In the program, I was asked for a pick-up line for the goddesses but it was Eric of Business Mirror who got the goddesses out when he was given an Axe Provoke and sprayed himself. I was cracking a joke at Eric that they have to go for the married guy. I also got to meet a couple of guys who won invites in the Axe Facebook fanpage for the event. I was asking them how they were selected and what was the guy's pickup line. He said it was only in Tagalog and was surprised that he got a message that  tells him where to go for the event.

So keep using Axe and like Axe fanpage on Facebook and get updated as the Axe Goddesses may visit the supermarket near you or get opportunities for more contests and events like this.

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