Saturday, April 16, 2011

Domination V Highlights

As announced earlier this year, Domination V is the most awaited online gaming event every year. Last year's Domination was my first time to attend. For this year, it was my first time to arrive for its opening. The lines were really long and balikbayan Mach Diesel compares the lines to ComiCon.

Not only that it brings the guilds in one place but also there were lots of happenings, updates and gimmicks as expected from E-Games. Major sponsor Axe held a photo booth with their Axe Goddesses. Each E-Game held its booth for their loyal guilds. 
Alodia the new Axe Goddess

The theme of this year's Domination V was in a Steampunk type as seen in the stage design. In addition to that, there were performance by the battle of the bands participants and guest performers like Gloc9 but when Axe started promoting their new product Axe Provoke in a parlor game, the winners were in for a thrill as Axe unveiled Alodia Gosienfiao as their new addition to their Axe Goddesses. Fans were screaming as the stage are opened for  Alodia. Domination V is never complete without the cosplay competition.

Updates were essential to E-Games. Since RAN Online is on its 5th year, it's time for the RAN players who were inactive to come back for the biggest reunion in online gaming history as well as encourage new players to sign up as the swordsmen, shamans, archers, and brawlers will add gunners among them. For more information about this latest updates, visit

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