Friday, May 13, 2011

Electrolux Dynamica Cleans Your Household With Style

Since 1920's, the vacuum cleaner is an innovative device. Electrolux was very popular with vacuum cleaners back in the 1980's and they are bringing that back with the new Electrolux Dynamica. Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaner, it doesn't need an extensive part or a bag to put the dirt into. Instead, there is a canopy on the Dynamica itself.

What's good about the Dynamica is that you won't have any trouble with storage. Just like a broom, you can place it in in the corner and it's more presentable. I explained in my previous post about the Dynamica that unlike the broom, you can't be assured that you are able to sweep everything and the bristles come off as the time goes by.

To find out more about the Dynamica, check out the Electrolux website.

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