Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adidas All24

All24 is a round-the-clock Adidas event that has dance, graffiti art, and indoor basketball competition all in 24 hours. I went to Eastwood for its first hour and stayed till the next morning. The event kicked off with performance by Pinoy All Stars because the first competition is an individual dance showdown.

The dance showdown mechanics is simple: Two pair of dance competitors will start. The one who is most applauded wins and will challenged by another competitor and so on till the last showdown.  That same night, the graffiti art competition started.

 Unlike the dance competition, the graffiti competition can be individual or group work because it will depend on their finished entry. In a short span of time the graffiti art were almost finished but were already taking form. Graffiti was considered vandalism because it was being applied to walls along streets but is now considered art.

I was not able to stay for the whole 24 hours for the indoor basketball and skating board events but I was able to stay and enjoy partying the whole night till 4am. I look forward to the next one again.

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