Monday, May 9, 2011

Destination: Camarines Norte 2nd Trip Part 3 Calaguas

Arriving in Calaguas, you need to wear clothes that can you can get wet with because the boat can’t drop you exactly on the shore so you really get off by the water. I noticed that there were already other visitors who were already enjoying the island before us. The beach already has designated area for bonfires, tables and comfort room remains from a house.

As expected, there’s no electricity, no signal for cellular phones within the area. There are few residents that help assisting arrivals carrying baggage so it won’t get wet. I helped set up the tents because it was easy to do and it was only four sided dome tents. Facing the beach, a sunset took place within view.

On our first night, since Atty. Debbee celebrated her birthday the day before, we are having a big fish for ihaw-ihaw (grill) and we also had few bottles of beer which we were not able to consume the whole case because of the Korean wine soju. One time, I woke up during the night, I took a peek outside the tent to see how it looked like without any lights and just as I expected, it was pitch black. To be continued.
Having marshmallows by the bonfire

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