Saturday, May 7, 2011


Terradata Press Conference
Teradata, a global leader in enterprise data warehousing is now establishing its operations here in the Philippines.  Teradata specializes in database technology, analytic solutions, and consulting services. They already have 1000 customers, 2,500 installations, and approximately 7,000 associates. 

They have clients that are leading industries in Banking/Finance services, Insurance and Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation Logistics, Travel, Utilities & Government, and Media & Entertainment.
They chose the Philippines among all the nations in Southeast Asia for the simpler reasons. First, is the language. We Filipinos can speak fluent English. Our time zone is 12-13 hours ahead of New York. For Teradata, it’s ideal for project hand-offs. Our infrastructure is world-class in telecommunication services and our power supply is stable. Our culture is compatible wit h U.S. and Canada. Cost Effectiveness. Quality Education. Diversification Strategy. Government Incentives.
Late last year, Teradata started its operation and recruited and trained qualified personnel. Last May 5, Teradata completed its personnel training and had an office blessing in its new office in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig which I got invited to attend for additional coverage after its press conference. Teradata also had a celebration for hard work the employees gave for the past months of training. I also got to see an old friend that I didn’t know that started working for Teradata. Like my old friend, this gives us Filipinos for more job opportunities.

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