Friday, October 15, 2010

Netsuite OneWorld PH Making Local Businesses Global

Netsuite CEO Zach Nelson
Back when I was working for a concessionaire, I was tasked to encode our inventory stocks in a system. I was oriented and taught how to operate. It was really difficult since I have no background in database  programming. One time, I connected with the system when the server called me to disconnect because they are doing maintenance. It was a hassle since the the company is also paying my time to work on it and they also invested in the system. Cloud computing, as I understand, is an internet-based program that assist businesses sharing information for financial, accounting, inventories,etc. And Netsuite just fits that bill. It handles all accounting, inventories and a lot more. All in just one system to run the business. All you just need is an internet browser. As an example here's how I picture it. The Warehouse Manager checks if there's enough in stock to make an inventory visible in the system online. The Sales Person checks the inventory and closes the sale and places the order all in the system. The Accountant makes a financial statement of the order placed in the system. The CEO monitors all continuing movements done in the system.This is very good since it's online, the customer can access to it anywhere and even mobile. Little does everyone know, Netsuite is already being used by Jollibee and FEU. Netsuite also partnered with De La Salle University to offer courses about their Cloud computing software.  Netsuite was founded by Larry Ellison and Evan Goldberg in 1998 and opened an office in Makati in 2007. By year 2006, it grows nearly serving 5,000 customers. Gartner named Netsuite one of the Top 10's Fastest growing financial management solution.
Sneak Peek of One World PH

Last October 14, 2010 in Manila, Netsuite held a press conference and introduces the Netsuite program that suits the businesses in the Philippine context: The One World PH. It is a special and specific software of Netsuite to deal business situation like Withholding taxes and VAT. Netsuite also guarantees that this will satisfy the customers or their money back. One World is Netsuite product ideal for business for global marketing. Netsuite has faith on their products that their maintenance are already considered one of their services once you avail of the software. Netsuite One World also integrates with Google Apps. To know more, click Netsuite

PGE Business Solutions and IT Group, Inc. are both licensed local partners or Netsuite Solution Providers. PGE is a family-run business that has been established in business for 30 years. The top clients of PGE includes Jollibee and the Institute of Culinary Arts and Food Service at FEU, a joint venture with Pancake House. PGE believes that Netsuite needs to be shared with growing businesses. It was PGE who's responsible to pitch Netsuite OneWorld Solution to Jollibee for global marketing. With ten years of experience, IT Group, Inc.' top customers include ATA Group and Blooming Marketing and is instrumental in the growth of many small businesses in Manila. IT Group continues to help improve businesses from government, private and non-profit sectors through IT services and Netsuite Solution.

PGE Business Solutions Inc. (a NetSuite Solution Provider)
Xavier IƱigo T. Naguiat, COO
P: (63.2) 920.2799 M: (63.918) 941.4230 & (63.917) 885.8738
IT Group, Inc. (a NetSuite Solution Provider)
Cris Gamboa, President
M: (63.922) 842.6262

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