Monday, October 18, 2010

Nutritional Value of Chicken

Nowadays, we depend on instant foods and fastfoods because we need to rush things. I am on the old-school kind of guy. I prefer to bring "baon" even until I started working because I prefer home cooking and it lessen the expenses. Compared to pork and beef, chicken is more healthier and cleaner. Here are the some nutritional facts about chicken.

Supports body growth, development and body repair(protein).
Makes our body produce energy.
Protects body cells from damage.
Takes care of normal structure and function of our skin.
Important for our normal structure of bones and teeth.

Nutrient contents in chicken parts:
Highest protein in chicken meat when fried.
Vitamin B3 is highest in liver.
Phosphorus and calcium highest in chicken head and secondly in chicken white meat.

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