Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ingat Pilipinas

Statistics from the PNP-Highway Patrol Group revealed that there were over 20,008 road accidents reported in 2009—this means that there are around 50 road accidents that occur in the Philippines on a daily basis. As we speak, 2 vehicles have probably gotten into an accident during the past hour.

With 78% of total daily person trip depending on buses, jeepneys taxis, tricycles, trains and padyaks, it’s no exaggeration to say that a large portion of the And this element of trust takes on more importance in light of DOTC data, which shows that that 80% of road accidents in the country are caused by human error.Philippines would literally stop if public transport were to halt their operations.

And in the same way that millions of people rely on public transport to bring them to school, work or to their favorite pasyalan, these very same people entrust their very lives to the manongs, kuyas and bossing drivers that control these modes of transport. 
Fr. L-R: Atty. Yves Gonzales(MMDA), Col. Edwin Butacan(PNP Highway Patrol), Edward Parocha of Safety Organization of the Phils.(SOPI), and Joey Romana(Biogesic)

 These are some facts that are disturbingly true. Biogesic, in coalition with PNP, MMDA and more non-profit organizations formed an online campaign called Ingat Pilipinas. It's a campaign to promote safety in the streets to lessen accidents that may take lives. The idea was brought up by Biogesic's endorser John Lloyd Cruz's famous tagline,Ingat! that inspired Biogesic to take this to the streets as well. So, if we say, Ingat! We should mean it. To sign up for support, register at ingatpilipinas.com. Take part of the biggest pledge event at SM Mall of Asia on November 27. Ingat!

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