Thursday, October 28, 2010

Partying AXE VIP Style at the BigFish Innovation White Party

What do you get when you add gorgeous women and an exclusive VIP area with free-flowing drinks?

The AXE VIP life.

When AXE Philippines gave five lucky guys and their entourages the chance to experience life as a rock star for one night, it’s no surprise that so many guys vied to be a part of the chosen few.
Joining was easy. All they had to do was describe their idea of the ultimate music star experience and they had a shot at partying with gorgeous women and enjoying free-flowing drinks at the BigFish Innovation White Party.
In the end, it was Josh, Joel, Daniel, Gino, and Edwin who were given the ultimate VIP experience.

An Awesome Partnership
“A BigFish party has all the right elements--great music, cool people, gorgeous people,” Paul Diaz, Brand Manager of AXE“I mean, if Axe is all about the mating game, then what better venue to expose our guys to a great playing field than at a BigFish event?”

For the Axe winners, the party began even before the BigFish event. They had the chance to wine and dine the gorgeous Axe girls as they prepared for a legendary night of partying.
“When I knew I’d won, I went wild. I never expected I’d win, but here I am,” Josh Cabrera grinned, looking at the rest of the winners. “We’re having a great time. We’re all friends.”

Going All Out for the Winners
  “Our idea was simple. We wanted to give five guys a chance to experience the music star VIP lifestyle for a night,” said Diaz. “But we’re not talking about just getting them into the VIP area. No, for an AXE party, we pulled out all the stops.”

After dinner, each Axe VIP was driven to the BigFish Innovation White Party in a black SUV. Like any real star, they couldn’t go to the party alone. They were allowed to share the high life with their best buds, a la Vincent Chase and his posse from Entourage.

As the winners arrived at the event, they were greeted by screaming fans and even photographed like real stars. Each of them proudly walked down the AXE VIP carpet escorted by AXE girls, truly relishing the VIP experience.

The special treatment didn’t stop there. Once inside, they were given AXE VIP red bands and were ushered into their very own VIP area. With Above and Beyond providing great music, it was indeed the perfect way to end the week.

“Only AXE can come with the complete VIP experience,” declared Paul Diaz. “As a brand that’s known for giving guys the edge in the mating, it was only fitting that no expense was spared when it came to giving a taste of the VIP life for our winners.”

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