Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ariel Oxybleach Makes Your Clothes Good As New

Ariel Experts vs. 100
I am not good with washing clothes but I get to learn what I do because I also do that task at home and I also got to live by myself. But one thing I do know that washing clothes also makes the colors fade. Ariel Oxybleach gives us this challenge when I got to participate to a game show inspired event called Ariel Experts vs. 100. We answered some questions to find out how much we know about washing clothes. We even compared two white short sleeves where one is new and the other was washed with Ariel Oxybleach. The shirts are both appears the same and only an expert like Patrick Tan, Senior Store Operations Manager of Bench, could determine the difference. Bench and Metropole Laundry and Dry Cleaners,Inc., agreed that Ariel Oxybleach can make clothes as new as it can be. Try using Ariel Oxybleach and see for yourself and compare it with the new. Ariel Oxybleach is now available in supermarkets, groceries, and sari-sari stores nationwide. SRP Ariel Sakto Pack 30 grams PhP6.00

Hosted by Mo Twister

Mo Twister and Expert Patrick Tan of Bench 

Which is old and which is new?

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