Thursday, October 7, 2010


Donsol, Sorsogon is were the most whalesharks can be seen and a target to most fishermen. Besides fishing for whalesharks, these fishermen uses dynamite. Until World Wide Fund(WWF) for Nature gets into the scene. Thus, orienting them for the dangers of what they are doing and provides more opportunities without risking lives. The Donsol community is now initiating awareness of the dangers of dynamite fishing.
WWF CEO and Pres. Lory Tan speaks about the campaign

With testimonies like these coming from locals like Ka Embet Guadamor, former blast fisherman turned Butanding Interaction Officer, it always makes the world a more perfect place to live in and how community development is necessary to change lives like the way WWF did for the Donsol community.
Ka Embet shares how WWF changes his life

WWF launched last September 28 in Makati the "I CLICK, I SAVE" campaign. The computer mouse can be a powerful tool to help out there are majority of the internet savvy who uses the internet for social networks. You can also donate what you can either through financial means or volunteer with only just a click. To know more about the campaign and to take part, visit
First donation by Marc Nelson

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