Wednesday, October 20, 2010


PLDT WiFi Hub Signage

When you go to coffee shops, It is not just the coffee you are after. You are there for the ambiance. You need a place to chill and hang out. It is also the ideal place for a person to get connected online. Places like these needs wifi connection because people who brings their laptops and wifi enabled phones. PLDT SME Nation offers option to have their coffee shops, bars and restaurants equipped their establishments with WiFi. The PLDT WiFi Hub is a bundled landline and DSL that comes with a Zyxel 4-port wifi, 3-in-1 printer and business signage. You have two options to choose from. Plan 1 mbps at P2,500 or Plan 2 mbps for P3,300(MRC) or P2,500(NRC). If you have existing business landline, it will cost lesser on Plan 1 mbps for P1,300(MRC) and P2,000(NRC) while Plan 2 mbps for P2,100(MRC) and P2,000(NRC). To avail of a PLDT WiFi Hub, call 101-888 or 171 or visit any PLDT business office or go to their site

WiFi Hub launch

Blogger Sai Sayson trying out their wifi

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