Sunday, October 17, 2010

Movie Review:Life As We Know It

Plot: Holly Berenson, a up and coming caterer and Eric Messer, a promising sports network director are two people with clashing personalities. What they only have in common is their hate for each other since their first blind date and their love for their godchild, Sophie. Fate had some in store in mind when baby Sophie's parents had an accident and Holly and Eric were given custody of Sophie if they live in the same house together.
Josh Duhamel as Messer and Katherine Heigl as Holly

Review: This is a romantic comedy like no other. It not only display the conflict of the major characters but it also display struggles that can happen in real life. Eric and Holly's life won't be the same because they have Sophie in their lives. Katherine Heigl stars as Holly. She was always been one of my favorites since My Father, the Hero and Knocked Up. Since Knocked Up, her roles has been always comedy with serious issues. "Life As We Know It" is just another one. Katherine herself is a family person and she is raising a child she adopted. For Josh Duhamel, I never thought he would also join the romantic comedy industry. I alwas see him as an action guy like his regular role as Lennox in Transformers. Duhamel said he even come early before the shoot so he could spend time with the triplet babies who played Sophie so he could build a bond with them when acting. Making a movie with a baby as one of the cast is hard to do. It will also depend of the babies' mood. The movie didn't just concentrate on the romantic comedy part but also on the family aspect. This is a good date movie but also ideal for couples who are expecting a baby in the future. Life As We Know It opens in Philippine cinemas October 20 and is distributed by Warner Bros.(Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Philippines)

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