Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Movie Review: The Town

The movie was based on a novel, Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan. Since it was based on a book, I will review it as a movie goer not as reader. It was also based on real events. Boston have 300 bank robberies every year. Boston is one of the U.S.'s first settlements and it is also rich in history since this was also the the place that sparked the American revolution. Boston is still has historic legacy. There are still old structures in Boston. The target audience of the movie are mostly men but it is a police drama so it can be enjoyed by women as well. Ben Affleck is back since its been a while since he done a movie. Having a bank robber as a main character of the story is nothing new since there was a time that bank robbers were famous and considered heroes by some like John Dillinger and Jesse James. The Town opens October 6 in the Philippines and is distributed by Warner Bros. Photo scene courtesy of Warner Bros. Phils.

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