Monday, November 1, 2010

Take The Clear Swap Challenge

As a guy, it's hard for me to find the right shampoo. Depending on the atmosphere and condition, I get dandruff from time to time. The shampoo I am using now is only what my family been sharing so I have no choice for the matter when in selecting a shampoo. I was not expecting what the Clear Swap Challenge has in store for me when I went there at Market! Market's activity area last October 31, 2010.
Scalp Scan
 Upon registering, I was asked what shampoo that I was using then I was asked to proceed where I had my hair examined. I was asked if I am experiencing hairfall, I answered, most of the time. The hair expert who examined my hair told me that my scalp has no traces of dandruff but my hair is oily so I was recommended to use Clear Hairfall Decrease Shampoo For Men. 

After that, I went to exchange or swap my sachets to redeem my Clear Hairfall Decrease shampoo. I didn't went home here empty handed. 

When I was halfway upon over the booths, the second pocket show started with DJ Rico Robles of Monster Radio RX 93.1 hosting the event and touring down the activity area giving recaps and asking people in the area about the event and asked some people to participate in their contest. 
Photo booth
 After that, I  went to the photo booth for a souvenir picture and participated in an interactive game. The fun part of the interactive game is that it requires you to move in front of the screen which is equipped with sensors that reacts with your movement like those games in an arcade. When you beat the high score, you will be given a Clear baller ID band. 
Interactive game
 The experience I enjoyed most was the consultation. Besides that it's free, it made me realized that I shouldn't take hair hygiene for granted especially when I saw the magnified vision of my hair scalp. To find more about the Clear Swap Challenge schedule, go to Clear Swap Challenge Facebook page

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