Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Tired of falling in line in a cinema where you are not guaranteed that you will get the seats you like? Here's a great option to avoid all that. Ayala Cinemas launches Sureseats.com, where you can buy tickets online without any hassle. All you have to do is buy the MPass starter set worth P1000.00 at any Ayala Cinema and you will be given a MPass card and ticket load. Register at http://www.sureseats.com/mpass/ so you can activate your Mpass. The only flaw of this is the mobile phone registration where the only recognized network for now are Smart and Globe. So if you are a Sun mobile user, get a Smart or Globe number for you to register first so you can access to Sureseats. Not only that, you can also buy your snacks online. So far, you can purchase food from Taters online using your Mpass. That's another convenience. But wait, there's more. Usually, when you already purchased your tickets, you don't get refunded once the ticket is purchased. But  online, as long as there's one hour allowance before the actual screening. You can cancel the transaction.

MPass Card

Sureseats.com website

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