Saturday, November 20, 2010

Polycom On Making Communications More Up Close and Personal

Have you ever watch Star Trek or any Sci-Fi related story? The Sci-Fi genre can give us an idea of an imaginary future. In Star Trek, for example, they can communicate through what they call a viewscreen were they can see the person and discuss their diplomatic concerns and other matters as well. This is how I see what Polycom is doing.
Rene Valiadolid, Channel Sales Director(Phils.)

When I first heard about Polycom, I thought it was just another company specializing in telecommunications but it was more than that.Polycom started in 1990 and is now established globally along with it's partners of equal stature like Microsoft, Hewlett -Packard, Siemens, IBM, and McAfee.
Randel Maestre,Global head and Senior Director of Industry Solutions

Polycom Global Head and Senior Director of Industry Solutions Randel Maestre gives us some idea what is Polycom about. Polycom,explains Mr. Maestre, is an art of conversation. Mr. Maestre said that the core of Polycom is it's Unified Collaboration or UC for short, is fast decision making, anytime/anywhere information, enhanced workflows, knowledge base, collaborative discussions and rich communication. Just to sum it all up is simply the basic components of communication: Sender-Message-Receiver. UC also means Unified Communication.
L-R. Rene Valiadolid, Tan Wei Leng, Randel Maestre

Polycom products and services like telepresence & video communication, voice communication, application tabs and it varies depending on the needs of its customer or client. They already have specific solutions covered different institutions like education, government, medicine and of course,business among others. For example, in the field of medicine, a medical specialist can provide instructions to a hospital from different location even while a surgery in progress and it's called telemedicine. This is an ideal way for us here in the Philippines because we are an archipelago because we are composed of remote islands.
One of the many products of Polycom

This makes communication more personal even at great distances. There are myths about video conferencing that needs to be eliminated. One myth about video conferencing is that it requires high bandwidth. Polycom guarantees that video conferencing can be a half the bandwidth. Another myth is that video conferencing is expensive. It is less expensive than traveling not to mention it's also a hassle.

One of Polycom's target is also the mobile communication such as mobile phones.Since it already advance the last decade Polycom is also pentrating the mobile market by delivering Unified Communication application starting with Samsung's Android based Galaxy tabs. Imagine handling your businesses at the palm of your hand.

Indeed, the modern communication makes the world smaller for us to connect with people and this is what Polycom stands for. American Technologies, Inc. or ATI is one of the local partners of Polycom. For more info about Polycom, simply go to their website at

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