Sunday, November 14, 2010

Studio3802 blogger contest

Why I like this shirt? Because like most gamers, I also went with the Starcraft phenomenon and my favorite campaign was the Protoss race. I even speak Protoss back then. It took great admiration to understand the Protoss culture. They are a noble, honorable warrior race which mirrors the familiar and similar cultures we Terrans have. Besides that I paid tribute to the Templars of the Crusades with my Plurk/Twitter name, Mark Templar, it also pays tribute to a Protoss character, the Dark Templar. That is why I like these two specific shirts.:En Taro Adun! and My life for Auir. This is my entry for this blogger contest at this  blog:

1 comment:

  1. Aaaaah yun pala yung ibig sabihin ng Mark Templar! (Sorry naman, hindi ako naglaro ng Starcraft; mga kuya ko lang yun. Haha!)

    Wow, a, inaral mo ang Protoss language and culture? Ibang klase!