Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Undaunted Book Launch

Undaunted: Courageously resolute especially in the face of danger and difficulty.Not discourage. That is according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary. This is also how to describe the Lopez legacy in the new book written about them, Undaunted: The Lopez Legacy 1800- 2010.
Mr. Oscar Lopez

The book was written by Raul Rodrigo, a chronicler of the Lopez clan, as a follow up on his previous book, Phoenix. The book was launched at Rockwell Tent last November 22, 2010. Despite the sudden rain and heavy traffic, people still able to make it to the event. 

Undaunted the musicale
The event started after having our lovely dinner. With words of welcome by Chairman Emeritus of Lopez Group of Companies, Mr. Eugenio Lopez. We were also entertained by a musicale presentation entitled, Undaunted the Musicale, which gives a colorful presentation of the the early beginnings of the Lopez clan circa 1800s up to present. 
Mr. Manuel Lopez

The musicale not only narrates the Lopez clan story but also gives us the experience of the time period with the background effect that shows excerpts of the book. It was like a journey to the past as if you are time traveling. That is why the book was published. We need to see their story from the first-person experience.
The bloggers and Undaunted author Raul Rodrigo

As a student of Broadcast Communication, I also studied the history of television media. The TV media pioneer was the Lopezes. Their insights and reputation gives me an idea about their timeless principles that made them a great television industry that almost all Filipinos enjoy today globally. This is what I should learn because maybe one day, I may be part of the industry when I graduate. It is not yet commercially available so watch out for it's release at your nearest bookstores.

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