Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Movie Review:Unstoppable

Synopsis:A massive unmanned locomotive loaded with toxic cargo, roars through the countryside, vaporizing anything that stands in the way. A veteran engineer(Denzel Washington) and a young conductor(Chris Pine), aboard another train in the runaway's path, devise an incredible plan to try stopping it and prevent disaster in a heavy populated area.

Review: I have never been so restless after watching this movie. This movie will not make you relax because of its intensity and excitement. It was like a roller-coaster ride. It won't giving you the thrill until the movie ends. The first time. So the movie aims its audience to engage with the situation that will leave you breathless. The villain in the story is not an evil person, nor it was human, and was only man-made but it became a monster unlike any other when it became a runaway train. Starring Academy Award winner Denzel Washington proved that he can still do action movies like this one and Star Trek's Chris Pine also proved that he can do other movies beside tre Sci-Fi blockbuster. The sound editing proved to be useful for the movie. I never thought that the roar of the train can be that scary. Unstoppable also stars Rosario Dawson and Kevin Dunn and was directed by Tony Scott. Unstoppable opens in cinemas on November 12.

Note: Unstoppable is loosely based on the "Crazy Eights" unmanned train incident in 2001. The train, led by CSX Transportation SD40-2 #8888, left its Walbridge, Ohio rail yard and rumbled on a 66-mile journey through northwest Ohio with no one at the controls, due to the throttle being applied on full instead of a brake. Two of the train's tank cars contained thousands of gallons of molten phenol, a toxic ingredient of paints and dyes harmful when it is inhaled, ingested, or comes into contact with the skin. For two hours, the train traveled along at speeds up to 47 miles per hour until the crew of a second train coupled onto the runaway and slowly applied its brakes. Once #8888 was slowed down to a speed of 11 miles per hour, a CSX employee, trainmaster Jon Hosfeld, ran alongside the train and climbed aboard, shutting down the locomotive. The train was stopped just southeast of Kenton, Ohio.

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  1. I was breathless for minutes when 777 passed by 1206!