Sunday, November 28, 2010

Book Review: Undaunted

Front cover
Undaunted: Courageously resolute especially in the face of danger and difficulty. Not discourage. That is according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary. This is also how to describe the Lopez legacy in the new book written about them, Undaunted: The Lopez Legacy 1800- 2010 which was launched last November 22.

Inside cover

The book is the latest addition updating the history of the Lopez clan written by Raul Rodrigo. Mr. Rodriguez is already established himself as the Lopezes' entrusted chronicler to tell its story. The book itself is classified as a biography and non-fiction. It covers the period circa 1800-2010. The book is in hardcover format. The flap jacket is also the same design as the main cover the book title is printed in gold foil lettering.
Significant events in the Lopez clan and the nation

The inner cover displays individual picture of the pioneers in the Lopez clan and it was arrange in a yearbook type. It has a photo time line graph that shows significant events in our nation's history significant event in Lopez history during that period of time. It also shows the updated genealogy of the Lopez clan.
The Lopezes' sugar plantation

The book presents the history in photographs. It is the photos that tell the story and it dominates the whole book. What makes this book different from historical biographies is that pictures are harder to gather than writing about it. Imagine the time and effort finding these photos and compiling all of it to arrange for this book. You have to find the right photo for each chapter especially if it's an old photograph ages over a hundred years. It was well researched and carefully arranged. The book was done visually like a photo-almanac comparing it to the likes of Life: Year-In Review. The book's visual aspect also makes the reader stimulated so the reader can also engage in the story.
Zero Hour

The book also shows how the Lopezes help shape our country in their companies, mass media, and politics. You may probably ask what it has to do with me. The Lopezes have given much to the people in regards to entertainment, mass media, power supply, and leisure among other things. Their experience is something that we can learn from. Especially if you share their Lopez credo: Pioneering, nationalism, team work, strong work ethic, integrity, social justice, concern for employee welfare, business excellence. For my recommendation, the book is worth buying especially if you wish to know more about the people behind the industry that brought you ABS-CBN and learn how from their example how they made it big in the industry. The book was also published under ABS-CBN. Undaunted will soon be available commercially.

War With MalacaƱang

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