Saturday, November 13, 2010

Immersed on a Sunday Morning Market Experience at SIDCOR's Sunday Market in Eton Centris

Usually, going to market is a chore. But it can also be fun and a place to bring your family if the you are going to the Sunday Market at Centris. The Sunday Market has been running for three years that first based in Cubao then moved to Lung Center before finally transferred opened it's first day on Eton Centris last November 7.
For those with a green thumb

 You can find the wet market, vegetables, fruits, pets, clothes, plants, antiques and more. You can also eat out there. There s an area where you can buy the food you can eat and a covered area with tables and chairs. What's great is that you won't be hassled to go through the mall or a regular market and you can bring the family along since it's a family day. The Eton Centris Walk is located beside the MRT Quezon avenue station and Centris Station. If you wish to lease a booth for the Sunday Market, visit

Wet market area

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  1. Yihee! Going tomorrow. Saw the entry of Alex, too!