Sunday, June 13, 2010

UR Solutions Taps Into Growing Local Open Source Solutions Market

I have no background whatsoever in advance computer systems and I am not in the I.T. vocation but as a Windows user, it’s rare that I get to see a Linux user. I admit it is hard to compare about between Microsoft and Linux because of my lack of comparison but I heard that there are already use of Linux in some of our cell phones. Even the Smartmatic like in our recent use of the PCOS machine during our election has a Linux operating system.

This is also the first time that I got to know about Red Hat, a Linux operating system. It’s an open source operating system meaning it is free but if you upgrade it or get additional applications, that’s were you pay for the applications that you can use. To help us understand it in layperson’s terms, let’s use this figure: If you have a pet, you take care of it. If it got sick, you go to the veterinarian and spend on its medication. Like in other operating systems, if you wish your OS to function for the way you desire it, you need to invest for endless applications.

During the press launch of Red Hat and UR Solutions, Josep Garcia, director of Channel Sales in Asia Pacific and Japan for Red Hat, said that UR Solutions is the key partner in the Philippines for marketing because they have the experience in open source in companies.

Patrick Reidenbach, general manager for Ubaldo Reidenbach Solutions or UR Solutions, oriented us with what UR Solutions’ key points for marketing Red Hat:
Open Source maximizes I.T.
Open Standards means no vendor lock in.
Democratic development process software designed to the needs of the community.
You pay for the service and support, not the item code.

From how I understand what Mr. Reidenbach said is that they are more customer-oriented. It’s like a counseling session. They listen to the needs of their client/customer and show them what they need and they do not impose.

For Fritz Roma, business development manager for UR Solutions, when it comes to Red Hat, the Linux-Microsoft competition is no longer a hindrance because when giving customers a satisfaction of using Red Hat, they will not be exclusive in having only Linux applications but also Windows applications as well if the customer desires so. The purpose of this is not just to lessen the prejudice with another company but to make the clients operate efficiently and maximize technologies that come along the way. This also helps to be tech savvy. They can boast that they are now supporting Windows.

Including a Windows applications in Linux is indeed good news. Though I am not an I.T. specialist, I am aware of the Linux-Microsoft competition. I know two friends of mine that fully-supports Linux and one of them even dislikes everything that involves Microsoft. But the matter of exclusivity for applications is no longer relevant but efficiency in operations.

Why choose Red Hat? Mr. Roma stressed that in Red Hat, they don’t force the customer to upgrade because they are focus more on the customer, not the technology. They are more concerned with the customer relations so they give them the choice, the freedom.

UR Solutions has established customer relations in banks, pharmaceutical companies for Linux. To know more, Follow UR Solutions on Facebook or Red Hat

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