Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Travel With Style And Convenience With Mendoza® Travel Bags

I'm usually a backpacker when in comes to bags but in this case, I'll consider these bags for traveling.

      A lifestyle dedicated to travel requires versatility and flexibility. But these need not hamper any individual from expressing his style, and this is what Mendoza® Travel Bags guarantee. Mendoza prides itself in providing quality products, but also remaining true to the personality of its user. Quality is never compromised, even as each Mendoza bag is a reflection of an ever-changing modern world, with its movers and shakers shaping the style of Mendoza.

Exhibited last May 14- 20, 2010 at Greenbelt 5 titled as "Inspirations", I got to see that these bags are not only convenient but stylish. It also has inclusive preference meaning there are choices for men and women. These bags are truly like an artwork themselves.

There is no other way to truly capture the modern and innovative travel luggage line of Mendoza than by collaborating with the country’s most prolific contemporary artists. Behind the Mendoza art installation exhibit are the great minds behind the latest offering to the modern art and design scene, The geniuses who will be lending their perspective and talent to Inspirations are acclaimed local and international artists Nikki Luna, Cesar Gaupo and Jimmy Caumeron with Tristan Granados, MM Yu alongside Flow magazine’s Miguel Rosales and Patrick Apacible

Seahawk Plus and Seahawk II, two collections which take their inspiration from the XR7, an ergonomic lightweight luggage designthe safari and the sea.

The Panzer collection—strong, solid, and as tough as a tank.

The XR7, an ergonomic lightweight luggage design.

The MZ-60 rounds up the Mendoza case luggage travel line.

Mendoza in partnership with Flow magazine puts together a showcase of interactive art installations, which will draw art and travel aficionados alike.

Mendoza Travel Bags is exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies and available at The Travel Club stores, SM Department Store, Robinsons, Landmark, Duty Free, Bratpack Greenbelt 5, Metro Gaisano and Felcris Chimes Davao.

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