Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baldemor Masterpieces by DMC

Manuel Baldemor has been doing many artworks for UNICEF greeting cards for many years and it's the first time that his artwork can be made a hobby with DMC's crossed stitched patterns. Now, your crossed stitch work can be greeting card materials like Manuel Baldemor's.

I got to ask him during the press launch in Megamall about his Pahiyas work because my father's hometown, Lucban is famous for the Pahiyas. He answered, "Lucbanin ka pala. Asawa ko taga-Tayabas naman." Tayabas also celebrates Pahiyas and both towns are in Quezon Province.

These artistic patterns are available exclusively at DMC Creative World in their store at Megamall Lower Ground floor, Building A. You may reach them at 6329978.


  1. Greetings from Abiva Publishing House, Inc.

    Abiva is a Philippine publisher offering textbooks in basic education. We are currently working on MAPE (Music Art Physical Education) textbook entitled Sing, Sketch, Stretch, and Stay Healthy 4. Our author wishes to include in his textbook the photo Manuel Baldemor featured in this blog entry (as seen in http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_B3-aMc83hYQ/TAzOGQ-v4kI/AAAAAAAAAtk/8XJrOptVpnI/s1600/Manuel+Baldemor.jpg ). In light of this, may we respectfully request your permission to reprint the photo being referred to in the link provided.

    We sincerely hope for your favorable response to our request. Please send us your reply stating your permission and/or other conditions we need to comply with.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you for inquiring about the photo. I am not the owner of the photo. It was used with permission for the purpose of this blog. However, I can ask them about the photo for you. You may contact me privately over my e-mail address{vincent.nunez@gmail.com}

  2. Hi Vincent, I sent you an email just now regarding permission to use Manuel Baldemor's painting in our invites. Hope you can get back to me within the day. Thank you very much!