Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beating The Odds By Velasco and Saludo

Beating The Odds , a book by Renato Velasco and Ricardo Saludo, focuses on giving insights how our one of the controversial presidents of our time, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo handled the specific issues that she faced as president in the wake of the 21th century as the book gives analytical details on what makes our Pres. Arroyo thinks on facing the issues that came her way whether you are a pro-administration or opposition.

Each chapter tackles an issue during the Arroyo administration such as terrorism, Mindanao Peace Process, drugs, SARS epidemic, Oakwood mutiny. This is a good book to consider because there are lot about Arroyo's decision making we don't understand yet and why only during this administration period that these issues only arised.

There's also one chapter dealing with the issue of budget deficit detailing why it happened during the the current administration. Hopefully, this will shed light to the issue how should a president should practice governance. Hopefully, we can only get from this book the lessons of the past so we can't repeat it again. Beating The Odds will soon be available at leading bookstores everywhere.

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