Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Movie Review: Knight And Day

Plot:When a small-town woman (Diaz) meets a mysterious man (Cruise) in a chance encounter, she thinks she’s met the man of her dreams. She soon comes to suspect he is a rogue spy.

When I first saw it on trailer, I thought it was like a Mission Impossible spin-off with Cameron Diaz. Of course with Cameron Diaz, you can expect comedy. But it wasn't like what Tom Cruise did as Ethan Hunt which I thought will just bore me but it was done in a good manner. The intensity of the story is very high and will keep you in suspense.You won't even know who's on the right side. Cruise's character,Roy Miller is an unlikely hero in the story which makes it more interesting and comical. Didn't think her can still do action besides what he is famous for in the Mission Impossible movies. What I don't like is the title. I still have to find out why it's entitled that way since I don't see it's complete relevance to the story.

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