Friday, June 11, 2010

5-Star Special Presents JC on TV5

On June 16, TV5 will premiere JC De Vera in 5-Star Specials Presents...JC. Each episode will now feature JC on action-packed stories starting with Tato.45, Kardong Kamao on the 23rd, Johnny Salamankero, two-episode story on June 30 and July 7, and will end July 14 and 21 with another two parter, Gabriel Molave at ang Mahiwagang Arnis.

During our press launch of the series at Tomas Morato, the bloggers had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with JC. Here some of the information he answered me.

JC  spend time watching UFC episodes for resources of his character,Kardong Kamao.
His target audience is the whole family/household because his series also have positive messages.
He doesn't want his character, Johnny Salamangkero to be carbon copy of Edward Cullen of Twilight.

5-Star Specials Presents...JC begins June 16. 5-Star Specials Presents... is every Wednesday at 8:30 PM on TV5.

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