Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tech News:Work on your computer as if you're writing with a pen with INTELLIPEN

For some computer users, some requires an active lifestyle when using. Thus, born the Intellipen, the PC gadget for an active PC user. It simply transmits the data as if you're writing straight into the computer. Ideally made for old-school users because it works as a pen and a mouse at the same time. When I first saw this, I also think comic book artists can use this one since I know some in the comic business. Marketing Manager Gerald Lim agrees with my thoughts since he had his multimedia people used it. You have a choice of the standard Intellipen or the wireless Intellipen and comes with an installer. It's really a writing innovation and it's PENtastic. Be on a lookout for it in leading bookstores and gadget stores.

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