Thursday, June 24, 2010

Axe Scent Revolution

77% of Filipinas want their men to be a bit unpredictable. Women get easily bored. The question to the men, how do you keep the girl?
And 80% of the Filipinas want their men to smell good. Among all of the senses when it comes to attraction, it always falls on how men smell good, not just the looks. Stimulating almost all senses is easy but the sense of smell needs more added stimulation and that's were Axe Twist comes in.

With Axe Twist, will add to your charm and witty conversation. An expert from Troy Dizon Dating suggested 3 tips:1. Grab her attention with your vibe, 2. Tell her why you like her, 3. Lead or leave. This reminded me of the movie Hitch and Axe even had a guy probed trying out these steps in a club.

In the game of dating, what's important is that we need to leave an impression that will make the girls look forward the next time for a date. That's why Axe always leaves an impression that lasts.

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