Monday, October 31, 2011

How Are We Slaved To Our Gadgets

I cannot deny that because of blogging, I am now bonded to my laptop more often than before because of many event coverage, press releases, movie reviews that I need to publish, promote in social networks but that is just occupational. But just the same, are the gadgets we use are being dictated by us or are we more enslaved to it? Here is an interesting article related to what I opened up:

Don't sleep with your smart phone nearby

By Bob Greene, CNN Contributor
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A fellow named Daniel Sieberg was telling me his hard-and-fast rule for getting through the night.
He takes all of his digital devices -- laptops, tablets, cellphones, anything portable that has a screen -- to another room before he turns off the light. He has come to terms with the fact that the technological gadgets that have so thoroughly insinuated themselves into our lives can become addictive.
So, when it's time for slumber, he locks them out. He won't even let his cellphone charge overnight in the bedroom:
"If it's there, I would have the temptation to turn it on and check it.

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