Sunday, October 23, 2011

VMWare Unveils New Porfolio on Cloud Management

Last October 17, 2011, VMWare held a press conference via global conference call. VMWare's Senior Manager of Products and Solutions( for APJ) Michael Warrilow, presented three new management portfolio for the cloud era. VMWare is pushing to make new innovations in virtualisation and cloud management. Most businesses have the need to adapt to virtualisation and cloud management so information updates will be available everywhere especially when the client has many business outlets worldwide.

According to Mr Warrilow, these innovations requires new approach in cloud management "that is capable of understanding the dynamic nature of the virtual cloud environment, highly integrated and imbedded". Mr. Warrilow adds that VMWare can supply these needs because they have the embedded technology that is the most manageable platform in the industry. This reflects the "heart of VMWare in the cloud era".

The new management porfolio are the vCenter Management Suite, vFabric Application Management Suite, and the IT Business Management Suite. According to Mr. Warrilow, "VMWare embedded management into the platform."

New Suites Simplify and Automate IT Management
VMware’s new management solutions will help customers transform how they manage infrastructure, applications and business services in virtual and cloud environments:  

·         Infrastructure: The VMware vCenter Operations Management™ Suite
The highly dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure has outpaced traditional operations management disciplines. Introduced in March 2011, VMware vCenter Operations simplifies and automates operations by integrating performance, capacity and configuration management and applying analytics to deliver the actionable intelligence customers need to proactively ensure service levels in cloud environments.

With this update, VMware will continue to deliver on its strategy of converging management disciplines with deeper integration of VMware vCenter Capacity IQ™ and VMware vCenter Configuration Manager™. New dashboards and smart alerts will correlate performance and capacity information to identify emerging problems, help customers “right size” their infrastructure and identify and remediate performance issues caused by configuration changes. In addition, the vCenter Operations Management Suite will include new application awareness capabilities that automatically discover and map the relationships and dependencies between applications and the infrastructure components that support them.  This means customers will be able to optimize infrastructure operations such as security management and disaster recovery based on application needs.
·         Applications: The vFabric Application Management™ Suite
The move to cloud computing and the increasing velocity of application demand are causing organizations to rethink how they develop and manage applications, driving the emergence of converged application operations models such as “DevOps.”  To help customers increase agility and improve application performance, VMware is introducing a new application management suite that will empower application owners to deploy and manage a new generation of applications running on virtual and cloud infrastructures. 

The vFabric Application Management Suite will include two new solutions that integrate application disciplines to unite and streamline developer and operations efforts.  Together, these suites support an “active application management” approach that will help IT keep up with business demand for application changes and more effectively maintain application performance and availability in dynamic environments. vFabric AppDirector  will standardize and automate the release/deployment of applications to any cloud through easy-to-create blueprints with standardized templates, component libraries, and deployment workflows. vFabric Application Performance Manager will help customers proactively manage application performance in virtual and cloud environments. The vFabric Application Management Suite is optimized for vFabric, but extensible to other frameworks.

·         The Business of IT: The VMware IT Business Management Suite
With the rise of public cloud services, the role of enterprise IT organizations is evolving into a broker of services to the business.  This shift requires better visibility into costs, service levels and vendor operations. VMware is introducing the IT Business Management Suite, which is based on technologies from VMware’s June 2011 acquisition of Digital Fuel, to provide the rigor and discipline CIOs need to optimize the business value of IT investments and communicate IT’s value in language the business understands.   

The suite will include three modules: IT Finance Manager, IT Service Level Manager and IT Vendor Manager.  Together, they will aggregate data from a wide range of financial sources and apply analytics and modeling to offer a single pane of glass into IT capital, operating and service expenses with meaningful metrics and reports.  The IT Business Management suite will allow CIOs to make informed sourcing decisions based on cost, risk, performance and compliance in order to operate as a broker of IT services in full alignment with business needs.  

 Price for vCenter starts at $50 for each VM and will be available next year.To help customers more rapidly experience the tangible benefits of VMware's operations management solutions, VMware is introducing a new vCenter Operations Management Accelerator Service. The latest offering in VMware's portfolio of Operations Management Services, the new service lays the foundation for customers to begin more efficiently and effectively managing their virtual and cloud environments. The vFabric Application Performance Manager is expected  to be available this quarter of the year with prices starts at $360 per VM while the vFabric AppDirector is expected early next year.

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