Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Benefit of Being An EL Micro-Entrepreneur

Earning a living is a big thing to most of us. You have to invest on time and money. Working for a living can’t guarantee sustenance for yourself and your love ones. Most of the times, you need to adapt. If you are thinking long term, your other option is to invest in a business.

Starting a regular business is not easy. You have to sacrifice your career to concentrate on establishing your business. Those are the risks you need to consider. That's where the Easy Livelihood Program(EL Program) of Easy Pha-max comes in.

Easy Pha-max is known for the wheatgrass drink currently available in 7-11 convenience stores everywhere. But most don’t know there are other products Pha-max has to offer and that’s where you, the potential entrepreneur, comes in.
Besides wheatgrass, there's also wheatgrass coffee

The benefit of being an EL micro-entrepreneur is that you are not required to sacrifice your working status. You don’t need to resign from work to start the business and it doesn’t require less of your quality time at home. Your current vicinity will be your market place and it only requires you to be flexible and proactive. Unlike in the days of door-to-door selling, we can take advantage of today’s communication resources like the internet and mobile phones to promote and sell the products effectively. Additional earning also comes when you also recruit people.

If you are interested to attend a seminar, reply here with your name, e-mail addresses and contact number so Easy-Pha-max can reserve a slot for you.. You get to have a free blood screening and sample products. If asked who referred you to attend the seminar, tell them you read it from Vince Nuñez’s blog site.

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