Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dell Fluid Data

Information availability is one of the problems encountered whenever it comes to data information and storage. We need data to be updated and available as much as possible. Even with basic communication like telephone and mobile phones, the information is not directly given.

This why Dell launches the Fluid Data as solution to this problem. Every updated information will be available within the touch of the keyboard. Here's an example. If I have business outlets nationwide and I need my inventory updates every time. If I found out found out that outlet A is running low on supply but the outlet B nearby has more stocks, I am able to supervise the transfer of supply from outlet B to outlet A.

Here's another scenario. What if a calamity struck like what happened in Japan. If I have an outlet affected by the calamity will have information within the network that will tell how much damaged of supply the outlet suffered and will provide this information for insurance purposes. This is how the Fluid Data can help any business or company.

To get more information about Data Fluid , here's the press release.

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