Friday, October 28, 2011

Greenhills to hold massive recyclables collection event in November

Greenhills Shopping Center brings back a massive recyclables collection event in an effort to increase awareness on proper solid waste management among its customers, tenants, and residents of the nearby villages. Cash for Scrap 2: A Recycler’s Bazaar happens on November 6 at the Parking 1 along Ortigas Avenue, between 8 AM to 12 NN.  Some of Manila’s top recyclers, and representatives from local government units, as well as the neighboring barangays and schools, will participate in this event.

The first Cash for Scrap event was held last April 2011, and it was met with much enthusiasm.   Tons of paper and electronic wastes were collected, along with other items such as car batteries, busted bulbs, ink cartridges, and plastics.

Cash for Scrap was intended to be a one time event.  But, Greenhills Shopping Center got a lot of positive feedback, and there were many calls for a repeat.  People from as far as Manila City came with their recyclables.  Greenhills Shopping Center was able to collect about forty crates of busted light bulbs—some of these were fed to a mechanism that separates the mercury component of the bulbs from the glass.  

This quarter, Greenhills Shopping Center invites an even more diverse group of recyclers, which would add to the number of waste categories. Event partners include: GARC, Philippine Plastic Inc. Assoc., Philippine Recyclers Inc., Polystyrene Packaging Council of the Philippines, Genetron, HMR Envirocycle, Trust International Paper Corporation, Dolomatrix, and MGHS.

Interested individuals may bring the following waste products for recycling:

·         Used ink cartridges
·         PET bottles and plastic bags
·         Used batteries
·         Used but clean Styrofoam
·         Used oil
·         Electronic wastes (old phones or laptops)
·         Paper
·         Busted bulbs
·         Used cans and metals

Other organizations that sell quality recycled products would also be participating: Kilus Foundation, producer of bags and other accessories from doy packs; Gifts and Graces, producer of products from old newspapers; and Earthday Village producer of bags and raincoats from used tarpaulins.

The event is co-presented by the National Solid Waste Management Commission under the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, Barangays Greenhills and Wack-Wack, Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines, and OCLP Holdings, Inc. (OHI) an Ortigas company.

Cash for Scrap was the very first recyclables collection event under the Solid Waste Management Program of OHI and was conceptualized to promote waste segregation at source, help turn wastes into cash, while preventing these from ending in the landfill. For more information, you may call Ms. Mona Lauraya at 721.05.72 local 290 or visit Also watch out for more announcements and like us on Facebook:

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