Saturday, October 22, 2011

adidas KOTR Timing Device and Gun Start reminder

The timing device is pinned with your race bib. It is a small plastic. Here's what you should do with it. According to adidas, it's reusable for three years.

1. The tag must be worn tied into your shoe laces.
2. Thread laces through the holes
3. Tighten the lace to hold the tag in place.
4. Tie the lace and get ready to run!

Last minute reminder:
Don't miss your gun starts.
Don’t miss your gun start! 
21k – 5am
16.8k – 5:30am for wave 1 and 5:35am for wave 2 
5k – 5:50am for wave 1, 5:55am for wave 2, 6:00am for wave 3.

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