Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day 2010

Honestly, I thought I knew all about AIDS. But when I was briefed during the Headshot Clinic, an annual campaign for AIDS awareness, I discovered a lot of stuff I should be aware of. Here are some facts I learned. AIDS cannot kill, it's the complications when the immunity is already decreased to nothing. Sometimes, the motivation of not being aware of the AIDS threat is fear. Even if there are many offers of AIDS testing, there are still minimal who benefits from it because they are fearful of thew results. Rest assured, the testing is in total confidentiality. I assure you that I am not just blabbing about it because I also took the test myself. I can't be an advocate for this campaign myself if I can't,shall I say, "practice what I preach".  What's good with the testing is that there is also counseling afterwards. It also pays not to take a stand alone when there's so many to stand by your side. Just some facts. HIV stands for Human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS is a condition that stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. To prevent, the best way is abstinence. Second, is using condoms during sexual contact. Third, be loyal to your partner. To know more about AIDS, ask your doctor or the nearest health center you can go to.

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