Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sysgen's Groovy Christmas Party

Sysgen Christmas party hostesses
It's been a while since I attended a company Christmas party and it's kind of unusual being invited to one as a guest for the first time. Company Christmas parties is not organized for just socialization but for building morale and camaraderie. Thanking each member of the company who's given the a lot for the whole year so it seems fitted to give back to the colleagues some boost for a accomplishing a good job since Christmas is the last celebration before the year ends and as they begin to focus for the coming year. It's like a harvest season of colleagues. 
Cafe La Carmela

Systems Generators Philippines, Inc. is just one of those companies that does that. They treated each other as a member of the family. Also called Sysgen, an established IT recruitment or outsourcing company since it began in 1991 with starting with a 3 people to 12,000 IT professionals. They held their Christmas party at Cafe La Carmela in Makati last Dec. 3 and they celebrated it with the 70's theme. 
That 70's theme party with CEO Jimmy Roa(middle)

Most of them came with their groovy and colorful outfits that are simply kaleidoscopic and psychedelic. Even CEO Jimmy Roa came in his 70's prom attire. They even had group presentations from different departments and games that entertained the crowd. For timeless and precious moments, there is a souvenir photo booth for those wacky and spontaneous pictures.
Souvenir photo booth
If you are specializing in IT or if you know anyone who's in the same field, Sysgen has many contacts in the industry like call centers, banks, etc. Maybe, this is the job that will open many opportunities for you. You can check out their website, or at their Facebook account, . You can also e-mail directly your resume at and please note that you were referred by the L.E.N.S. blogger.

In house live 70's music

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