Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are You Ready For The Corregidor Adventour Challenge?

If you have been to Corregidor, you already have an idea how the tours were done throughout this historical island. But if you haven’t been there, you should consider the innovative way to tour the former island fortress.
Riding the tram after the challenges

 Sun Cruises, Inc. offers you the Corregidor Adventour Challenge. The word Adventour is a hybrid of two words:Adventure Tour. What makes the Adventour from a regular tour is that you will tour the island on a different perspective. Form a group of 4 or 5 and engage in obstacles that will require you to think and get physical as your team will tour Corregidor on foot, solve puzzles and test your skills.
Exit from a Japanese escape tunnel(Photo by Lee Llamas)

I was one of the first to experience the Adventour Challenge along with members of the media. You get to see places that you don't see on a regular tour and you will be immersed on an experience that will make you see the perspective of a Japanese Imperial soldier as you go duckwalk through their dark tunnel with geckos and your only light source is from the flashlight you are holding. I can't reveal more than this because it will spoil the challenges. This is what I meant when I said you will tour Corregidor from a different perspective. It is like the Amazing Race but in relation to the Corregidor theme. It is educational as well as challenging. Ideal for company team building and student field trip.
The first Adventour participants with the people of Sun Cruise

The Adventour package is only PhP1999.00 which includes ferry ride(Manila-Corregidor-Manila), Lunch, an Adventour Challenge T-shirt so you will be identified as a Adventour participant, and an Adventour Challenge kit, a must if you want to survive and get a ferry ride back to Manila alive.He-he-he. Just kidding. For inquiries, contact Sun Cruise at 527.5555 or at the Sun Cruise website

I conquered the Corregidor Adventour Challenge(That's what it says in the shirt)

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